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Arbeit: Baseball

History :

I want to give you an idea about baseball. Baseball was invented before 1000 of years in Egypt. Then England discovered this game too and they wrote books about the rules, teams and the material. Those books came to the United States of America and since the 18. Century baseball is the national and popular sport in America. In year 1845 Alexander Cartwright wrote a book with rules and at since this time the rules are the same in the whole world. So Cartwright has the name “ Father of baseball”! Today baseball is popular in Japanese, Germany and Austria.
The other lands learned baseball from America because in the Second World War american soldiers played it in their free time.


Racket: The racket mustn’t be bigger than 7 cm and longer than 107 cm. Rackets are made of wood aluminium, vectran, Fiberglas or carbon. But the best one is made of synthetic material. In the american league (the major league),you have to play with rackets which are made of wood.

Ball: The ball weigh 149g and he is 7,3 cm big. He is made with Kork in the middle and outside there is a elastic band. The covering wrapping is leather.

Mitt(s): The max. breadth of a mitt is 19,7 cm. The max. length amount 30,5 cm.

Protection: You must wear a helmet when you play baseball. If you don’t wear one, you mustn’t play this game and pay some money. Other protections are a face mask, protectors, shinbone and a protector for your belly.


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