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Eurocom Ireland

  Note: 2-3   Klasse: 10

Arbeit: Eurocom – Konzept

Thema : Geography, People and Life in Ireland


Main facts:

Ireland is split into two countries: The Republik of Ireland and
North Ireland. The Republik is independent and North Ireland belongs to England

Ireland is often called : The Green Island ( because there are big areas without any civilisation with a lot of nature and green fields )


Ireland is ca. 260 km broad (west – east) and
480 km long (north – south)

No locality of Ireland is more than 10 km away from sea.

The hole area measures 84,429 sq km ( eighty thousand four hundred and twenty-nine square kilometers ). 70,283 sq km ( seventy thousand two houndred and eighty-three square kilometers) of them belongs to the Republik of Ireland and 14,146 sq km ( fourteen thousand one houndred and fourty-six square kilometers ) of them belongs to North Ireland.


Not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter. Maximal themperatur in summer is 30 °C and minimal thempereratur in winter is 15 °C. It often rains in Ireland, but its no cold or hard rain. Only a lot of soft rains. Its very windy

The Settlement:

Ireland has ca. 5 million inhabitants. 3,5 million ( three point 5 million) of them in the Republik and 1,5 million in North Ireland.

The capital city of the Republik is Dublin and the capital city of
Noth Ireland is Belfast


The office language in the Republik is irish and in North ireland its english, but most people in Ireland are speaking english, only a few are still speaking irish.


91,6 % (ninety-one point six per cent) are Roman Catholic, 2,5 % are anglican and 5,9 % others.

Life in Ireland:

The social life takes place in these typical “irish pups” and bars. This is part of the irish lifestyle. They take there a drink (called a pint) and talk about a lot of things but not about work. Irish people are very nice to strangers. If you want to go to Ireland for holiday you should go to the rustic areas. Irish are famous for there traditionally dance and musik.


The Ulster Museum is a pretty sight


The St. Patrick´s Day is the national holiday in Ireland. Its celebratet each year on March, the 17th. Cloverleaf is one of the attributes of Patrick, today its a national symbol of Ireland and is called shamrock.


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