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Geschichte der Sklaven Slavery

  Note: 2+   Klasse: 9

Arbeit: background:

-15. century colonisation
- slavery at first in Portugal
- needed worves for colonisatio

- 1444 beginning of slave markets in Portugal => taken from west-african coast
- slavery began in Spain
- arabian sold from Central Africa in Arabia, India, Iran, became slaves
- in America 20 - 100 MIo slaves in the whole space of time
---------> end

- in 1619 first african slaves brought to Jamestown
- subject to the limited servitude ( status which all indian,white and black servants in the colonies had )
- at first only few slaves
- 1641 - 1661 laws for slavery made
- 17th century plantation system in North-America -> more slaves were needed
- in northern colonies they had to work in the house and in the business
- colonies in New York , New Yersey and Pennsylvania -> worked on farms
- in War of Independence laws changed
- slaves became REAL slaves ( time before : had been bound servants

rights of slaves:

- supported when they were ill and old
- got religious instructions
- were allowed to be witnesses
- often allowed to have property, to marry and to have free-time
- were limited able to make contracts -> if carried out depending on owners
- often human rights disregarded :
- women raped and families splitted
- got cruel treatment, were mutilated, got brands, were laid in chains and

sometimes even killed
---> practiced till 19th century and people who did it weren't punished

slavery abolished:

- 1792 in Denmark |
- 1807 in England } laws made
- 1808 in the USA |

- 1848 in France |
- 1863 in the Netherlands } slaves freed
- 1888 in Brazil |

slavery in the 20th century:

- 1929 forbidden
- 1951 still people in slavery
- 1956 UNO conference : slaves outlawed
- 2001 children in slavery; in Togo,Mali,Benin
- every year 200 000 children are sold

slavery in the world:

antique :
- was accepted
- was unrenounceable
slaves were prisoners of war
- had to work on the fields

in the middleage :
- was improvement
nations through invasions -> slaves became serfs

Islam :
-accepted from the beginning
- prophet Mohammed treated gently
used for housework

India and China :
- houseslaves, agriculture
- used for great buildings

Agypt :
- for burial places
- slaves freed after a certain time if they were egypt

Aztecs,Inkas,Majas :
- work in the field and for war services


- 1713 => South Sea Company supplies spanish colonies with slaves ( they got the right )

France, Holland, Denmark active till 16./17. century

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