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Hermann Göring

  Note: 1   Klasse: 10

Arbeit: Hermann Göring

-National Socialist politician
*1893 in Rosenheim
†1946 by suicide
-Second man in the Third Reich after Hitler, key man for the built-up and strengthening of the National Socialist tyranny

First World War: Combat pilot -> War hero

1922: Command of the SA brownshirts

1923: Escape from Germany for 4 years to Austria, Italy and Sweden after he got wounded at a putsch in Munich (Beer-Hall)

1925: Mental hospital; asylum for dangerous inmates ->became morphine adicted

1927: Returning to Germany, rejoined NSDAP, smoothed Hitler´s way to power

1932: President of the Reichstag

1933: Prussian Minister of the Interior, Commander-in chief of the Prussian Police, Gestapo and Commissioner for Avation
Creator of the secret police -> built the first concentration camps

1935: Commander-in chief of the Air Force -> gave war instructions how to fight against the other countries

1938: Leading orders in the Reichskristallnacht, instructed a general solution of the Jewish question

1940: Promoted to Reich Marshal

He made big mistakes in the great offensive against Britain -> fell into lethargy and world illusions -> forbid reports about serious German situation

Hitler blamed him for the defeats -> his personality integrated -> isolation

1945: Dismissed from all his posts, expelled from the Party and arrested

1946: Captured by Americans -> put on trial at Nuremberg

Judges of the International Militärbund found him guilty in all 4 counts:
-Conspiracy to wage war
-Crimes against peace
-War crimes
-Crimes against humanity
->sentenced to death by hanging

15 October 1946:Killed himself in his cell by taking Zyankali


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