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Jürgen Bartsch

  Note: 1   Klasse: 10

Arbeit: Jürgen Bartsch

Inga Blädel

I. Introduction

In this paper I want to try, if it is possible, to explain Jürgen Bartsch´s life as a child-murderer and perhaps I can solve or give somebody an understanding of his deeds, why he murdered four children with such atrocity. You can´t become such brute sex murderer without a reason.
Jürgen Bartsch sets a good example that a loving and right education is the most important thing for the child´s future.

II. Short summary about the murderer _Jürgen Bartsch_

Karl-Heinz Sadrozinski, also called Jürgen Bartsch, is born on the 6th of November, 1946, in Essen and left in the hospital by his tubaculous mother.
Some months later the Bartsch´s, which possess a butcher´s shop, look after and adopt the young boy, which they rename Jürgen.
The new parents hold the boy extremely austere and avoid every contact to other children, because Jürgen shouldn´t hear that he is an adopted child. Especially the mother is greatly hard and comes to blows very often.
At the age of ten he has to go to the children´s home in Rheinbach, and at the age of twelve he comes to a Catholic school. This school is very hard and rough, physical chastisements are on the agenda. Besides there he is seduced and abused homosexually by older boys and his teacher.
Jürgen Bartsch has murdered four boys between 1962 and 1966. All the time his technique of murder is throughout the same: first he entices the boys in a cavity, there he hits out his defenceless victims, strangles them and plays with their genitals, in which he himself marsturbates every now and then. He cuts their bodies, extracts their intestines and digs in every single part of the body.
After he has killed his fourth little boy, the police can catch the _Kirmes-Mörder_, as he is called by the population. 1
After two lawsuits, which take place between 1967 and 1971, he is condemned to a detention about ten years. Besides he has to be admitted to a nursing home, where he meets a nurse, which Bartsch marries in 1974.On the 28th of April, 1976, he dies during a surgical castration, which Bartsch himself claims, supposed because of a cardiac arrest as a result of the narcosis. 2

III. Deeds and victims

1. The definition of _sex murderer_

_Unlike single murders, serial murders have no directly discernible motive. In additon, they are often characterized by extreme brutality and perversion. There are attempts to describe the criminal´s motivation as extremely aggressive. The cause of this can be found in the person´s childhood and especially in a lack of attachement and as a result in frustrations harming selfesteem._ 3

2. His preferences

Jürgen Bartsch has murdered four boys very brutally between 1962 and 1964. But these are not his first delicts in this way, which he commits.
In spite of the selection of his sacrifices it less depends on the boy´s behaviour, but on particular ideals, how he looks like.
He never assaults thick and freckled boys with red hair. Besides they should not exceed a certain age. _[...]wer über 15-17 ist, ist für mich sowieso schon ein »Opa«. Und Sie wissen ja, daß das schönste Alter für mich noch viel jünger ist, etwa 9 bis 13, höchstens 14." 4
But boys, who are slim, have a nice face, dark hair and great eyes, are very sympathetic to him and bring back his memory of being hit and racked.

2.1 Background of his criminal offences

His first victim is the ten-year-old Axel O.. Bartsch, at this moment just fourteen years old, and Axel already know each other. They often scrap together and sometimes Bartsch masturbates with Axel´s genitals. But one day, he leads him into the forest, where he has a cavity as a den. There the boy has to undress and to lie down on Bartsch´s lap, upwards his naked backside. Bartsch promises him, that he wants to hit him just thirteen times. Indeed it will be more than thirteen beatings and every blow is hard than the blow before. He comes to an end, when his hand hurts too much. Bartsch threatens him that he will kill him, so that Axel doesn´t say a word to his parents. Then the intimidated boy is allowed to leave the cavity. After this incident, he often wanders around in the forest, near the street, waiting for some nice boys, which he can raid and undress. But every time, at the all-decisive moment, he gets so frightened that he lets the boys go.
His second victim Bartsch also entices into his den, where the razorblades are already prepared. At this moment his instinct to cut already commands him. But the boy can run away before Bartsch can hurt him.
Furthermore he entices a younger boy next door in his cavity. There Bartsch trashes him, tears up his clothing and forces him to play some sexual games.
Normally Bartsch is searching for young boys, which he can take along inside of his cave. Therefore he drives around with his car. Besides he tries his luck to find some victims near fairs, by speaking to single boys and telling them that he is a detective and has to solve an important mission, where the boys can help him.
In the year of 1962 Jürgen Bartsch commits his first murder to Klaus Jung. On the 7th of August, 1965, he murders Peter Fuchs. He also meets him near a fair in Essen-Holsterhausen, from where he gives Peter a lift. Bartsch doesn´t drive to his cavity, but stops somewhere in the forest. There he forces the boy to take off his clothes. Then Bartsch chains him and brings Peter to his cave, where he kills the boy.
One week later, he already has a new sacrifice, Ulrich Kahlweiss, whom he digs up near a kirmes in Velbert. With the help of some promises he entices him into his car. On a solitary road Bartsch comes to a standstill, where he undresses and shackles Ulrich. Then he hits the child´s head with a heavy hammer, till the head drops off.
Bartsch himself is so shocked about his deeds that he begins to drink, which finally leads to the loss of his driving license. In spite of this fact his instinct is so strong, that he obtains ether and a wardrobe trunk and drives around for seeking boys by taxi. In conformance with his new plan, he wants to stun his victims and transport them to his den with the wardrobe trunk´s help. But this method is not successful, so he restricts to the taxi ride, for which he always takes two different taxis: one for the journey there and one for the way back.
In the year of 1966 Jürgen Bartsch murders Manfred Grassmann, whom he slaughters while the boy is still alive. Only a short time later, on the 18th of June, 1966, he tries to get a new victim, Peter Frese, five-year-old. In the cavity he hits and chains the boy and masturbates with the child´s genitals. Jürgen does not want to come back home too late, so he leaves Peter behind in the den. But the boy can undo his chains and so he is able to flee.
Only three days later, a few days before Bartsch´s arrest, he searchs for a new child...

2.2 The murder´s method of approach

Every murder goes in general similarly: Bartsch entices a young boy into his cavity, in the neighborhood of his family´s house. Then he makes the boy bend to his will by beating, he chains him and plays with his genitals (for example he kicks at the child´s testicle), sometimes Bartsch masturbates during this _ritual_. After that the boys are killed by strangling or striking dead. Then Bartsch cuts open the body to empty out the abdominal and the thoracic cavity and to dig the remains.
Moreover there are some different versions to dismember: isolating of the limbs, decapitating, castration, gouging out the eyes, cutting out of some pieces of meat from the seat and thighs.

IV. Jürgen Bartsch´s curriculum vitae

1. His birth and adoption

Jürgen Bartsch, is born on the 6th of November, 1946, at ten to ten a.m. in Essen. His physical mother, Anna Sadrozinski, who is diseased with tuberculosis, gives him the name Karl-Heinz, but leaves the hospital without taking the little baby. Because they don´t find a new mother, who is able to look after the boy, he has to stay there for eleven months, till Gerhard and Gertrud Bartsch meet and adopt him. Mrs Bartsch can´t have a baby, so they are very glad that they have the possibility to adopt Karl-Heinz Sadrozinski, whom they rename Jürgen Bartsch.

2. His first six years

His new mother, Gertrud Bartsch, is extreme cleanly and tidy, so that the father, Gerhard Bartsch, always has to change Jürgen´s nappy, because she is disgusted by the baby´s excrements. At that time his mother starts to hit her son. Jürgen often has bruises all over his body, and repeatedly Mr. Bartsch says to some friends: _Sie schlägt das Kind so, ich ertrage es einfach nicht mehr."5 or: _Ich muß nach Hause, sonst schlägt sie mir das Kind tot." 5
If Jürgen breaks her conception of tidiness, she hits him and sometimes she smashes up a coat hanger on his back.
As far as his beginning of term, he is locked up in their cellar, which has barred windows and is illuminated with artificial light.
Because his parents are very engaged in the butcher´s shop, Jürgen is always on his own. Only one time a week he can go outside with his grandmother, but he isn´t allowed to play with other children, because his parents fear that they could tell him that he is an adopted child. Moreover he shouldn´t become dirty.
One time his mother goes for him with a butcher´s knife and misses his son closely.

3. The elementary school

Because he never can play with other children, Jürgen becomes outsider and never has any friends. Also in school he is the scapegoat, because of his shyness, anxiety and cos he is different to the other children. Every morning he is afraid of going to school, for there he always is pestered and tormented by his classmates. Nobody from his class wants to have to do with him. Several times Jürgen steals a bit money to pay the strongest boy in his class, so that he protects him from the other children. But his pain Jürgen can´t entrust to no one.

4. Marienhausen

After Jürgen leaves the elementary school in 1957, he comes to the children´s home _Wiesengrund_in Bonn for one year.
At the age of twelve he has to go to Marienhausen, which is a rigorous Catholic boy´s school. There they have to go to mass every morning and evening, aren´t allowed to say a word during the meals (_Silentium_) and are chastised very often and without a reason. Girls are inadmissible!
His first best friend is Detlef Büren, which is an outsider, too. But their friendship lasts just one year, because Jürgen totally monopolizes him for fear to lose Detlef.
Father Pütlitz, who is also called _PaPü_ and the leader of the choir, repeatedly hits aimless into the crowd of the choir. It doesn´t matter which boy he strikes. In class he often hits a boy with a cane, till it breaks. During the stay in Marienhausen, which takes four years, Jürgen is raped by him for several times .
Two times Jürgen tries to run away, but every time he is catched. The second time Jürgen takes Detlef with him. However the police can find the boys and bring them back home. After that both of them are suspended.

5. His life after school

After Jürgen finishes school in 1961, he doesn´t know what he should do. His father determines that he has to start a butcher´s apprenticeship, although Jürgen doesn´t get pleasure from this occupation. On the contrary, he is disgusted by butchering some helpless animals.
Therefore, at the age of fourteen, he goes to Essen to start his butcher´s apprenticeship at a father´s colleague, Mr. van Loon, which should take three years.
Till he is twenty-one, his mother selects his clothing, besides he is bathed by Mrs Bartsch. His end of work always goes off like the same: he is bathed by his mother. After that he has to change his clothing in the bedroom of his parents, then he lies in bed between them and watches TV.

V. The processes

1. The first process

In Wuppertal, on the 30th of November, 1967, the first process is opened, which takes time till the 15th of December.
At the beginning of the lawsuit the people´s indignation inside, how a young man can be so cruel, is very great.
As Bartsch´s assessment, three psychiatrists from North Rhine-Westphalia are consulted, who show Jürgen in a bad light, but confirm the parents´ behaviour. _Er wollte alles haben, darum muß ihm alles genommen werden!_.6 In this way Prof. Dr. Hans Ludwig Lauber, one of two main expert witnesses, closes his certificate. It´s a real fight between Heinz Möller, Bartsch´s lawyer, and the experts, who are thinking very old-fashioned.
As a result of a comment by the public prosecutor Fritz Klein, Jürgen is treated like a grown-up and gets life to prison.
After this process Jürgen Bartsch suffers a nervous breakdown and has to take many pills. Moreover he is very suicidal: he already tried to slash his wrists, because of his senses of guilt and the feeling of seclusion and solitude.
Several times, during the imprisonment, Bartsch also tries to kill himself, but every attempt fails.

2. The appeal hearing

In Düsseldorf, on the 6th of April, 1971, the appeal hearing is opened. But this time there are more experts (eight in number) and even a psychoanalyst, Prof. Dr. med. Tobias Brocher, who are involved in Jürgen Bartsch´s case.
Whereas, in the first process, Bartsch´s parents aren´t to blame for their son´s behaviour, the second process changes its tune.
The two judges are astonished about the judgement a few years ago, which says that Jürgen grows up in a loving atmosphere.
After all Bartsch is condemned to a detention about ten years. Besides he has to be admitted to a nursing home.

3. The life in jail till his death

Because of his _instinct_, which Jürgen can´t control, he has to take pills (Cyproteron) But it doesn´t help for a long time. This is the first time, when he thinks about an operation of his brain or a castration.
On the 15th of November, 1972, he comes to the nursing home _Rottland_ near Eickelborn, where he will spend the rest of his life.
There he also gets to know his future wife Gisela; they become engaged on the 15th of February, 1973.
Although he should be glad, Jürgen suffers from depressions, states of panic and despair. _[...] ich habe in Eickelborn mit 100%iger Hilfe gerechnet, und ich bin enttäuscht aus Eickelborn fortgegangen._ 7
Because he also suffers from his _instinct_, he now wants to undergo the castration. At the age of twenty-nine, on the 28th of April, 1976, he doesn´t wake up by his narcosis. The cause of death is cardiac arrest, but in reality a male nurse didn´t adjust the narcosis´ machine in the right way, so Bartsch dies of an overdose.

VI. Short psychoanalysis

The first year of a human´s life is the most important for its development. The warmth of the mother and the physical contact have an irreplaceable value for the small child´s development. That´s why Jürgen Bartsch , at the age of eleven months, is already decreased in his competence to join.
Furthermore, he never has really a feeling of affection, which a child should feel, if its parents love their baby. But he doesn´t want to realize that his parents don´t love him. On the other hand Bartsch reproaches his parents with their coolness: _Ihr hättet mich nie von den anderen Kindern absperren dürfen, so bin ich in der Schule nur ein feiger Hund gewesen. Ihr hättet mich nie zu diesen Sadisten im Schwarzrock schicken dürfen, und nachdem ich ausgerissen war, weil der Pater mich mißbraucht hatte, hättet ihr mich nie wieder ins Heim zurückbringen dürfen. [...] Warum habt ihr in zwanzig Jahren nicht ein einziges Mal mit mir gespielt?_ 8
If a human has the possibility to do something to somebody, which the person is afraid of somebody could do this to it, then the man won´t be afraid any longer. So to speak he anticipates the attack against another person.
Bartsch´s victims (and deeds) are reflections of his own childhood, which he wants to destroy, how they destroyed him. It´s like: I kill, because I don´t want to be killed. I punish, because I don´t want to be punished. I enforce forgiveness by violence.
Jürgen Bartsch actually mirrors that, what he is.


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