Pygmalion Act two - 

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Pygmalion Act two

  Note: Keine erhalten, Vermerk: sehr gut   Klasse: 13

Arbeit: Pygmalion - Act two (A Summary)

Having had an intensive discussion Higgins and Pickering take time for a little break. Suddenly Eliza Doolittle appears. She has thought about Higgins offer to teach her how to behave in the upper society. To have this ability seems to be useful because the right behaviour can help her to find a job in a flower shop. Higgins is quit amused about Mrs. Doolittle’s wish, even if it has been his idea. He behaves heartless and tries to insult and beat Eliza. His friend Pickering is very interested in this little experiment. He deals more respectful with Eliza and offers her a seat. Pickering bets Higgins that it would not be possible for him to realize Eliza’s wish. He promises to cover all the expenses if Higgins is able to let the guests at the ambassador’s garden party believe that Eliza is a duchess. Higgins and Pickering start discussing. Eliza who can not follow the words of the two men gets bored and after beeing insulted again she decides to leave the house. Higgins lures her back with some chocolate. He wants to accept Pickering’s bet, so Eliza will live in his house to get lessons. In consequence he calls for his housemate Mrs. Pearce who gets the task to take Eliza for a bath. While the two women leave Pickering tries to find out weather Higgins decision is based on honourable reasons. Mrs. Pearce returns a few minutes later and warns Higgins that he has to change his behaviour if Eliza stays in his house. After the housemates warning Alfred Doolittle, Eliza’s father appears. He asks Higgins for some money and declares his intention to take Elisa home. While the two men talk the girl enters in a blue kimono. Everybody is surprised by her beautiful look. Elisa retunes to her old neighbourhood to show off. Higgins who warns her against snobbery realizes that he has taken on a difficult task. Pickering agrees.


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