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Some information about Industrial Revolution

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Before the Industrial Revolution goods were made by hand or needed natural power like water, wind, animals or human beings. After the steam engine had invented this changed. At first it was only used in coalmines with the improving of it by James Watt in 1769 it could be used in factories, which were build. With the steam engine the efficience of production became better.

Before the 18th century, charcoal was the most used fuel in the industry. The cause why it has changed by coal is that charcoal was too expensive or to work efficiently. Abraham Darby invented the smelting of coke with the help of coal so the 18th century coal mining increased from 5,5 million to 1850 million tonnes. This was an advantage for the stealindustry which became more powerful.

A consequence of the Industrial Revolution was that countries changed into cities. The poor people had no chance to survive, because they had smaller pieces of land. Therefore the poor people moved to the towns to get a new job in a factory to earn money for their families. New factories were built and so countries changed into cities.

To transport goods from the factories to all over Britain and the world new transport opportunities were sourced. During the 18th century canals and streets were built and used, because they made the transport cheaper and faster. Roads also improved. People could get from London to Manchester in a day. The towns were linked better by roads and canals, towns grew quickly. In the 19th century railways became a symbol of the Industrial Revolution.


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Some information about Industrial Revolution

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