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Space exploration is the world's biggest money waister

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Arbeit: Space exploration requires an enormous amount of money.

Of course, space exploration is beneficial to all people on this planet. Without it we would not have the ability to use Internet for example. Weather prediction would be back in the stone age. I have to say, that Satellite technology has of course had a beneficial effect on our world. However, there is a huge difference between launching satellites into Earth orbit, and exploring space. Missions to other planets do not contribute to life on our planet.

Some people believe that the possible discovery of habitable planets in outer space might solve the problem of global warming and the green house effect, which could make it necessary to leave the planet earth. However, I do not agree with spending trillions of dollars for possibilities that nobody can guarantee. There is no guarantee that through space exploration, new food resources will be discovered and that habitable planets will be found. We should be thinking about all the problems happening on the earth right now. If there is life beyond earth, will it come to destroy us? We should be concerned with life on earth and be concerned with what is destroying it here and now.

And there are much more urgent problems, that are to be solved. Money is needed for so many other things. People should stop dying from cancer and AIDS and be able to live longer. There should be no more famine on our planet and no more hungry children. Worldwide, 1 of every 7 people does not get enough to eat. Our cities must become cleaner and safer, atmospheric pollution must be stopped, so we can save our planet. There are wars, criminals and terrorists in the world, these problems are to be solved first. We should try to make our own planet a better place to live, before we explore other planets. We still have time and money to stop destroying Earth and we should do it, instead of spending great money on exploring space. And this money should be spent on getting the planet we have in order.

In an ideal world there would be enough money for exploration as well, but in reality it isn’t so, so we have to stop wasting money. Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and civilizations is surely very exciting, but our dreams of exploring space are a luxury they cannot afford.


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Space exploration is the world's biggest money waister

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