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The Great Gatsby Complete summary

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Arbeit: The Great Gatsby

A novel by:

F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Klett 2000)

Chapter One:

In the first Chapter the main character of the story is introduced. It is Nick Carraway, an about 30 year old man, who has installed himself at a place called West Egg village. (Near New York.) He is working in the bond business and after his graduation in New Heaven and his participation in World War I, he now wants to enjoy life and earn money. Nick has no friends or acquaintances in his new home-area, only his cousin Daisy is living in the nearness. She is married with Tom Buchanan, a former schoolmate of Nick. When Nick visits them he meets Jordan baker, a well known golf-champion, who is a friend of the Buchanans. The four spend the evening together and Nick discovers, that there seems to be problems in the marriage of his friends: Tom has another woman in New York. Daisy who knows that is very said, but does not want to show it. She tries to turn away herself from this problem, especially by coupling Nick and Jordan. Later Nick returns home were he meets his strange neighbour Gatsby, about whom he has spoken with Jordan a few hours ago. Gatsby is looking to the stars and Nick, who actually wants to speak with him, doesn’t want to interrupt him.

Chapter two:

One day Tom invites Nick to drive with him to New York. On the way they stop at the car service-centre of George B. Wilson, the husband of Toms girlfriend Myrtle, to say her that they want to meet her in town. After buying a puppy Myrtle wants to have the three drive to an apartment, where they meet Catherine, Myrtles sister and Mr. And Mrs. Kyle – the neighbours. They talk with each other about their jobs, Mr. Gatsby and finally about love. The six discuss the problematic of partnership and divorce till Tom, who has been getting angry because of a comment of Myrtle, suddenly broke her nose in a violent attack. They left the apartment and Nick can’t stop to think about what happened.

Chapter three:

In the following time Nick is working hard. He uses his free time to study ore sometimes to meet girls like especially Jordan Baker. One of these girls becomes his girlfriend for a few days. In the evenings he observes Gatsby’s house, where the strange man celebrates parties every night. One day Nick gets an invitation. On the party he meets Jordan and both search Gatsby, because they have never seen the man before. Only because of a chance they make his acquaintance. He invites Nick to try his new hydroplane with him and talks a long time alone with Jordan. After that Jordan and Nick leave the party with the other guests and become witnesses in a little car-accident. That is not very serious and so they go home.

Chapter four:

In the next days Nick is observing the house of Gatsby again. He makes a list of his guests. Later in July Gatsby invites Nick for dinner. They drive to New York where they meet Mr Wolfshiem, a jewish friend of Gatsby. Later the two meet also Tom, but It seems that Gatsby does not want to make his acquaintance. Nick finds out the reason for the strange behaviour of his friend, when he talks with Jordan. She tells him that Gatsby met Daisy, his cousin, in 1917. He fall in love with her, but had to leave her because of war. She married Tom, but Jay still love her till today. Should Nick bring the two together ? Would Daisy be more lucky with Jay than with Tom? Nick is now in a difficult conflict. How can he help his friends?

Chapter five:

Nick meets Jay and ask him if he should invite Daisy and him for tea. Jay is thankful and happy about this idea and wants to reciprocate the nice gesture of Nick. At the next day Nick is preparing tea and dinner till Jay arrives at his house. They wait for Daisy and Jay becomes very nervous. When the girl arrives there is firstly a great silence between her and Jay. It needs a little time to wake up their love, but it is finally a success. In the following time Jay shows his house to Nick and Daisy. Furthermore they listen to piano-music till Nick leaves the two. He wants that they are alone.

Chapter six:

At the beginning of the chapter Nick is telling the reader the true story of Gatsby’s life. Admitted: He does not really know if it is the real story, but it is a believable one. Jay Gatsby, real name James Gatz, was the son of some farmers. He left home and worked near the lake superior. There he met Dan Cody, a millionaire, who gave him a job. He worked 5 years for this man and got a good education he later uses for his own career.

After this introduction the story goes on. Nick goes to Jays house to visit him, because he had not seen him for a long time. In Jays house he meets Tom and some other people. They talk with each other and Gatsby invites them to his next party. A few days later Tome comes with Daisy to Gatsby. Jay talks to Daisy, but Daisy does not really enjoy the party. On one hand she meets very interesting people, but on the other such parties do not seem to be her world. Gatsby is very disappointed about her feelings. Only Tom is happy. He has made the acquaintance of many young girls.

Chapter seven:

Gatsby and Nick are driving to the Buchanans, where they are invited. In the house they meet Tom, Daisy and Jordan. Tom is nervous after getting a phone call from Myrtle who seems to leave him. Moreover he has discovered that there is some kind of close relation between his wife and Jay. He is angry and frightened, that he possibly loose his girlfriend and his wife at the same time. The five guys decide to drive to New York. Tom, who is driving with Nick and Jordan, stops at the car-centre of Myrtles husband, who tells him, that he and his wife want to leave the area in a few days. When Nick and the others, including Gatsby and Daisy, arrive at New York they rent an apartment, where they talk to each other. Step by step they show their true characters and firstly they really tell the truth. Tom is furious and said when he hears that Daisy does not really love him anymore.. Finally the five leave New York again, without finding a solution for their situation.

At the same time there is a dispute in George Wilson’s shop, which a young Greek is listen to. He sees Myrtle coming out of the shop when suddenly a car crashes into her and kills her immediately.

Tom, Nick and Jordan who are coming from New York passes the accident-place a short time after this event. Tom is shocked when he discovers his dead girlfriend and hears that she has been killed by a yellow coupé – Like Gatsby’s car.

When the three arrive at the house of the Buchanans Tom invites them to come in, but Nick wants to go home and so the butler calls a taxi. While he is waiting Nick meets Gatsby, who is hiding in the garden. He tells him, that it was Daisy who drove the car and killed Myrtle and that he now observes the house to safe her if Tom gets possibly brutal.

Chapter eight:

The morning after the accident Nick meets Gatsby. They talk long time about Daisy and the events of the day before. Then Nick leaves him after breakfast and goes to work. During this time the greek man is still at Mr. Wilson. He has not gone from his side since the accident happened but it was not possible for him to encourage the man. When Wilson gets quieter the Greek goes home to sleep a little bit. At this time Wilson leaves his shop to search the killer of his wife. He searches for someone who is driving a yellow coupé and somehow he finds Gatsby who is swimming in his pool. Wilson, who is despaired, shoot Gatsby and does suicide afterwards. Nick and Gatsby’s personnel hear the shoots and find the two corpses.

Chapter nine:

Nobody except police and press seems to be interested in Gatsby’s death. So Nick, as his best friend, manages the funeral and the other things which have to be done. He especially calls Gatsby’s other friends and business-partners to invite them to the funeral. Only Nick, Mr. Gats (Gatsby’s father, who is still alive and read in the newspaper an article about his sons death.) and Owl Eyes, the man Nick once met in Gatsby’s library, prove him finally the last honour. Daisy also is not there at this day. She and Tom left the town and Nick only meets Tom one time again – a few months later. He admits at the short meeting, that he was the guy who told Wilson that Gatsby was the owner of the yellow car. At the End of the story Nick, who has spoken a last time with Jordan, also left the town. He regrets the death of Gatsby.


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