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Tourist Attractions in Ireland

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Arbeit: Today i will tell you something about some tourist attractions in irland and i took three of them the cliffs of moher the healy-pass and the Carrickfergus Castle.
The Cliffs of Moher is one of Ireland’s top visitor attractions. At their highest point you stay 214 metres above the sea with the waves smaking against the rocks. At these 8 kilometer long cliffs live about 30.000 birds of 29 different types like the Papageientaucher and falcons.

The healy pass is a small street from the south to the north of peninsula Beara above a hill an is at his top about 300 meters high. His name was given by Mr. Timothy Micheal healy which put the idea through at 1847 and 1931 the building of the street was done. I think the nicest view is if you look from the top down to the glanemore lake.

My third attraction is the Carrickfergus Castle at Carrickfergus 11 kilometer nothern of bellfast in Antrim. The Castle was build in 1180 by john de Courcy. In the 800 years of this castle, it was occupied by the Scots, the Irish, the English and the French and was untill the 2. world-war still in use.


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