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Zusammfassung auf Englisch The Burden of a Priest von Slumdog Millonaire

  Note: dummy   Klasse: 12

Arbeit: In "the burden of a priest", chapter of the novel "Slumdog millionaire", also known as "Questions and Answers", by Vikas Swarup, Ram retells a period of his life, which takes place during his early childhood.
Shortly after birth, Ram gets abandoned by his mother, in front of the St. Mary's orphanage. For two years he is put into adoption, but no one wants him, perhaps because of his dark skin colour, or maybe he is too ugly, no one knows. Since he never gets adopted, he becomes Father Timothy’s responsibility and lives in the St. Joseph’s church in Delhi. He gives him the Name “Ram Mohammed Thomas”, a name which represents the variety of religions in India.
Father Timothy is a very nice person with an excellent reputation. He teaches Ram English and becomes his Father figure.
Years later, a new priest joins the St. Joseph’s church. His name is Father John, and Ram soon realises that there are strange things going on in his room. One day Father John is caught having sex with another man. Father Timothy is very furious, but Ram doesn’t understand what is going on.
The next day Ram finds both Father Timothy and John lying dead on the floor. Ram is totally miserable; he has lost the closest person he had to a father.
As a result, he gets send to a juvenile home.

Revealing about this story is, that based on the Christian knowledge he acquires during the time he lives in the church, he gets to answer the second question of the quiz show right.

Quelle: "Slumdog Millonaire" by Vikas Swarup

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