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“A society without a shared system of values is bound to decline.”
Write a comment about this statement.

Humans can not live alone, that is an important principle of life. We need friendship, cooperation and love. They are necessary for our peace of mind an for our survival. That is one of the reasons, why humans live in societies. But what is important in such a society? Do we need shared values, ideas and destinies next to individualism or can our society exist without them?

To answer this question we have to look for the smallest kind of a society: a group of three or four people – en example a working group in school. What is important for this people. Individualism at first, to find own ideas. But they also need cooperation and often some kind of values. If everybody in this group has his own destiny, idea and opinion and wants to realize it completely it can not work. The people in our example need shared basics for working together. Most of these basics have to be values like: kindness, tolerance, the will to compromise and self-discipline. It is perhaps necessary for them to give up a part of their dreams from time to time, to realize something big in cooperation. That can not work in another way. If there are no values, or if there are totally different values everybody will do what he wants and imagines. Everybody will work with his own plans, with his own kreativity on one projekt … the product couldn’t be good. Like an old german proverb sais: “To much cooks are spoiling the porridge.” The consequences are often arguments, after which normal work is impossible – the society shatters.

That is not only a principle I discouvered in my own life, it is also something which is transferable to the states of nowadays which form the biggest part of our societies. One example is the politic in Germany. The gouvernment-parties are always creating new reforms. The opposition does not accept this reforms. Often they have no real reasons I think, they only follow their main destiny: getting electers. This electers are also not able to work for society. They protest against reforms like Hartz IV. They only want the best for themselves … that the state can not pay anymore and that it is bound to decline because of this problem does not interest. But what is a citizen without a state?

We have to keep society going, have to do something for other people and often to give up something for them. That is one of the concepts of democrathie. That is a law of life. There should not be much values in a society, but a few important ones. With them, the people have the chance to reach something and to have a good life.

And is there somebody ho does not want that?
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