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Chad Kroeger – Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Peake – Vocals/Guitar
Mike Kroeger – Bass
Ryan Vikedal - Drums

Nickelback started life as a cover band in Hanna, Canada. They tired to play other people's songs and singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger put together some original songs, borrowed some money and went to Vancouver to record them in a friend's studio. In 1996 they all moved to Vancouver and Chad asked his friends to fax and phone radio stations to request their first single until it was played often enough for Nickelback to pick up fans on their own.
In late 1998, the band decided their managers were unable to bring them to the next level and started managing themselves. Mike Kroeger, Chad’s brother, handled all the distribution, Chad handled all the radio tracking and Ryan Vikedal handled all the bookings. The group had also invested $30,000 into their first album.
It was called The State and was released in 1999 in Canada. The State did very well and the singles “Breath” and “Leader of Men” both went top ten on the Mainstream Rock charts and the single “Old Enough” hit the Top 20. One year later, in 2000, the album was released in the US and Nickelback started touring. Over 500,000 copies of The State had been sold. They did over 200 shows and went from unknowns to playing in front of over a million people likes Creed or 3DoorsDown.
The second Nickelback album was called Silver Side Up and it came out in 2001. A lot of the songs that Silver Side Up includes were actually written even before The State was released in America and got tested in front of the audiences on tour, for example “Money Bought,” “Hang Nail,” and “Where Do I Hide?”
Some of the songs on Silver Side Up were written and produced in a completely new way of making music. They’ve been working with the producers of U2 and Metallica. These producers made Nickelback's sound grow not only exponentially bigger and better, but also in new directions. One of the significant changes about the new songs was Chad Kroeger's decision to write his lyrics in a more direct way. "Too Bad" was about the father who was never around when Chad and his brother were growing up. "Never Again" is a song inspired by broken homes. Their very successful break-through single “How you remind me” had been written in 15 minutes and later, when it came out, was the number one Most Played Song of 2002. It was only the second time in history since the Guess Who's "American Woman" that a Canadian band had been number one on both the Canadian and U.S. “Too Bad” and “Never Again” also were number one hits and over 6 million copies of Silver Side Up had been sold.
In the following year Kroeger collaborated with singer Josey Scott for the Spiderman soundtrack, which stayed for several weeks on top of the charts.
Nickelback’s third album The Long Road arrived in 2003. The single "Someday" went to number 7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, the album went on to sell five million copies worldwide and was supported by another successful international tour. In February of 2005 it was announced that Ryan Vikedal had left the band, but Vikedal claimed in an interview he was pushed out for not being "the type of drummer" the band required. A month later it was announced that former 3 Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair was his replacement

Now, in 2005, the fourth album All the right Reasons was released and the first single “Photograph” again is inspired by Chad Kroeger’s personal past.

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