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1953 The Diary of Anne Frank Englisch 10 1 803
Vorstellung bzw. Zusammenfassung eines Buches nach Wahl auf englischer Sprache. Hier geht es um den Lebenslauf der Anne Frank sowie um den Inhalt des Buches.
Inhalt des Referats
Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank- The Diary of Anne Frank About Anne Frank: -the curriculm vital: - she was born on 12th of june 1929 in Frankfurt - her civil-name: Anneliese Marie Frank - she was the kind of jewish parents - had a sister, her name is Margot - her mother had the name Edith, her father Otto - 1933 they flee to Amsterdam, because of the nazis - family and friends have a hiding place in a backhouse in the Prinsengracht - 1941 attacked the nazis the netherland - in august 1944 were the hiding place betray - than they were arrested - Anne and Margot were draw out in the KZ Bergen Belsen in the Lüneburger Heide - because of the katastrophal hygiene break in winter 1944/45 a Typhusepidemie out - thousands of prisoners died, also Margot and a few days later Anne too - her corpses lay in the common grave in Bergen Belsen - her mother became to Auschwitz-Birkenau in the womans-camp - she died on 6th of january 1945, because of hunger and exhaustion - Anne ´s father was in the KZ Auschwitz - this KZ were free on 12th of april 1945 through the english companies - Otto Frank survive as the only member of the family -Development of the publication "Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank" : - at Anne was 13 jears old, she write a diary - she write it from 22nd of june 1942 till 1st of august 1944 - till in spring 1944 she write the letters only herself - she listen in the radio, that everthing about the sufferings during the german crew must collect and publish; that say the upbringing-minister of the netherland - after the war, she want publish her diary - she write several settings - on the 1st of august 1944 was her last entry - Anne cannot publish her diary - her father Otto filled her wish - he dedicate only to the diary of her daughter - Otto Frank died 1980 - he leave the original-notes the institude for war-documentation of netherland - in the 50 ´s the people have doubt´s about the fastness of this diary - therefore followed scientific tests; it was real - it arise several books about Anne Frank, for example: "Geschichten und Ereignisse aus dem Hinterhaus" , "Anne Frank, die letzten sieben Monate" -the book: - "Dear Kitty", so begin every entry - Kitty is the name of her best girl-friend- her diary - she trust his diary and write everthing what her happened in it - she describe the life in the back-house; that she and her family must disappear - Anne write about her fears, feelings, wishes and dreams - she describe how it cames to the live in Amsterdam: - at first she lives in Frankfurt - than went her father to netherland, with 4 jears came Anne and Margot to her grandmother to Aachen - later they went in the kindergarten and visit the school - from may it went´s downhill with the good times: war, the capitulation, the capture of the germanies, the misery for the jew´s - it followed jew-laws - someone law´s are: - jew´s must carry the jew-star - they don´t have a bike - they don´t drive with the streetcar
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