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200 A-Z of Ireland Englisch 9 1-2 3319
A-Z of Ireland / Erklärungen zum Thema
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A-Z of Ireland •Attack: Terrorists attacked Ireland lots of times with bombs and killed lots of people. •Button Box: A Button Box is accordion. Lots of people in Ireland play the button box. •Computer hard- and software: In Ireland are lots of companies who produce computer hard- and software. •Dracula: It’s a very popular book, which was written in Ireland. •Emigration: About 70 million people of Irish origin in the world but only about five million live in Ireland •Flute: It’s a popular classic Instrument in Ireland. It gives a wonderful sound in a song. •Good Friday: It was the end of 30 years of violent in Ireland. A peace agreement was signed. •Hope: The Irish hoped lots of years for peace. But in Ireland are the problems of terrorists and fighting religions. •Independence Fight: The Irish fought lots of years to become Independence but they are now a part of Great Britian. •John F. Kennedy: He was a son of an Irish immigrant and a President of America. He was killed with a gun when he was a president. Till today, the murders are not known. ( He was president in 1960) Lots of Irish are still proud of him. •King: The Orangemen had a king which name was William. He beat the catholic king James II.. •Literature: Lots of popular books were written in Ireland, but not many people know that. •Music: The Irish love music. The most Irelands make music probably with a bodhrán, a fiddle, a button box or a flute. •Nationalist: Nationalists want political independence for their country. •Orangemen: The Orangemen walks through the terrains of the Catholic, and protest there. •Peace lines: Those are walls which run between some catholic and protestant areas in Belfast. •Quarterback: The quarterback is one of the positions which you can play in American football. In Ireland even the women play American football. •Religion: The Religion is a part in Ireland where is a lot of hate. In Ireland are the Catholics and the Protestants. They don’t like each other. •Saints: Ireland has many saints, for example St Kevin, St Killian and St Patrick, the Irish patron saint. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March. Some Irish people wear a shamrock on that day. •The lord of the dance: He is a popular Irish dancer. He started dance when he was a children. He’s very good, so his name is “The Lord of the dance”. •Uilleann pipes: You blow in it and there is a big bottle full with your air. It’s the Irish “Dudelsack”. •Velo: In Ireland you can ride with a bike trough beautiful areas. You can see the wonderful nature when you ride there. •War: The Irish fight against the terrorism. The Terrorists killed lots of people with bombs. •Xylophone: It’s a music instrument. You hit on it with a drum •Youth Hostel: In Ireland, you find lots of youth hostels where you can sleep. •Zoo: In Dublin is a big Zoo. The zoo is very famous. There are lots of animals and thousands of visitors in a year.
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