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2061 pioneers o pioneers Englisch 12 sehr gut 633
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1st stanza – The lyrical I addresses his children that they shall be ready for a fight. From his point of view, his pioneers are soldiers, but also his children. They are very inexperienced and innocent. He is like a father, he cares for them and wants to encourage them and he wants to reinforce or to motivate his pioneers, because they will go through hell. They have tan-faces, because they are tough people, they fight in an unknown area. He orders them to follow him, because although they are children, they must have discipline, because without discipline, they cannot win for example a battle. 2nd stanza – The soldiers still do not know that they have to fight. The task in the 2nd stanza is that the soldiers have to move on, they have to conquer a newer fresh and strong world. But they need a lot of work and a long march lies before them to reach their aim. “To debouch” fits into the military world field, it means that the soldiers have to go to a world which they do not know. They go on unknown ways to an unknown area. 3rd stanza - The geographical obstacles are explained, like down and through and the soldiers have to fight against these obstacles. The verbs are in the progressive form, because there is simultaneously action. The lyrical I wants to show the activity, so he uses mostly activity verbs. But he also gives up his usual word order, because he describes a situation for a moment. 4th stanza – The forest is primeval, because nobody has touched nature before. He does not mention the Indians. The soldiers have up the soil, so that they can grow sth. With rivers they can generate machines. The author emphasizes the activities with still using the progressive form. He starts the lines with an personal pronoun “we”, that is an anaphora. The disciplined order stands for the fighting spirit of the soldiers. In that stanza the author describes on long time, because the soldiers have to stem rivers and they have to pierce mines. 5th stanza – Here, the author diminishes the negative sides of a battle, he reinforces the positive sides, so that the reader has a very positive point reflecting on war. He says that the defeat is not so important, is has to go on. He only writes that the soldiers go through battles, but the people who survive the battle have to continue their way. 6th stanza – The author sees the death with pride = the soldiers die for a noble cause, here we see the patriotism. The team is stronger and not weaker when they lose soldiers in a battle. 7th stanza – The pioneers are seen as a body, because only a heart and the pulse can beat. Here the author writes a metaphor. And they are not only the pulse of America, they settle for the whole world. Their mission is a world-wide mission!
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