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Letter to the editor about Ronals Reagans speech of 1980 (aus Sicht eines Amerikaners)
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Sir or Madam, in New York Times Magazine from July 20, 1980 I read Ronald Reagan's speech that he gave on July 17, 1980. First of all I would like to thank you for printing most passages of the speech and so informing your readers very well about out politics. But there is some criticism I have in mind if I suppose Ronald Reagan to be our next president. As you can see in the picture Reagan knows how to create a good image, but does he also know how to make clever politics? His speech is very long - though some passages are left out in your magazine - but he does not really say what he wants to do for us in his time of presidentship. He talks about "reneweing the compact" like Abraham Lincoln did but he does not tell us what this exactly means to him. I miss some concrete statements about our situation today. We cannot just repeat the politics of Abraham Lincoln or the Pilgrim Fathers. The United States need a president who is up-to-date and who knows how to lead us into a good future. Being hones, Reagan seems to me like a child who says "Look Father, I did it, I'm president!" but does he really care about us? What does he want to change for every single one of us and what does he think for example about international politics? There are many questions that are still to answer and I please you to make true the democratic freedom of speech and print this letter so maybe someone can answer my questions. Name, Location
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