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The Constitution states that all men are created equal. Many women, however, have found that this statement doesn't include them. An old German proverb says: "there are only two good women in the world: one of them is dead, and the other is not to be found". The French used to say: "a man of straw is worth a woman of gold". According to an African proverb, "a woman never brings a man into the right way". The Chinese believe, that "nothing will frighten a wilful wife but a beating". Women have been treated poorly by every society around the world during the whole recorded history. God Himself is a "He". Adam the male was created first and Eve came second. "You shall desire your husband and he will rule over you",- God told Eve. Christians (from the early medieval era) have taught that women are weak and corrupt because of Eve. In many languages the masculine form includes the feminine, too. The plural "they" in English, does not differentiate between male and female. In French there is a different word for "they" male, and "they" female. But only the male "they" can be used for both. This itself may be seen as an example of male domination. Statistics show, that women are the majority of the world's poor; women in Asia and Africa work 13 hours a week more than men and are mostly unpaid. Worldwide, women earn 30 to 40 per cent less than men for doing equal work. Women's unpaid housework and family labour aren’t even counted as productive output . And women are still doing this free labor, while the majority of men are using women for this unpaid labor. Feminism says that women must not allow men to treat them as second class citizens like that, because men will never stop allow themselves to oppress women voluntary. Since much of the male freedom in the world is based on women not being free, stuck at home, taking care of the man's children, which includes cleaning, cooking and so on. The majority of women want to work outside the home and be economically independent of men, but someone has to do the childcare, cooking and cleaning. Men do not consider these duties to be their own ones. And why are women treated by men as second-class citizens? Here are some stereotypes:  As well as having greater physical power men also have larger brains.  Women should be pregnant in the kitchen. That is the way God intended it to be.  Women should also look pretty and be owned as property by men. In FACT, you'll find no documented proof that men are better drivers than women. Women are better, because Women bring hope and life. ))
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