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Partiton of India Against • The conflict between the two major religions would arise, because two minorities are created. The Muslims in India and the Hindus in Pakistan. Those two minorities would be supressed. So • The border line can’t be justified if you are dividing by religion. You are dividing villages and families and people’s lifes. You are creating unjustice. • India is one nation and should be one nation and one people and they should be together and kept together as one people, even if there are differences in the religion. • Independence does not mean to be independent from each other it means to win freedom, and freedom comes with an own constitution and with our own laws. We all have the same needs here. Don’t you think that we can actually make laws and a constitution which is just for all of us. • We all need each other. We all need democracy. Everyone is important to our mother India. If we can’t get along with each other. How can our mother survive. If we are seperating her into Pakistan and a Hindu country, how can we say that we’ve won the fight against Britain. How can this be a glorious victory if they suceeded and split us into two different countries. For • The partition of India is a very important topic. We need the partition. If there is only one nation, the Muslims are a minority and they would be supressed by the Hindus. • If you don’t have two nations a civil war would arise, because not everyone is like Gandhi, not everyone wants to live in peace when he feels unjustice and sees problems of his way of life in a nation of huge diversity • Without partition we can’t be independent from Britain, because there would be just chaos and there would be no neutral power, which can make laws for both, Muslims and Hindus. So we need Pakistan and India, so Hindus and Muslims can truly be independent. When Muslims and Hindus live in one country, they wouldn’t feel independent. • No, because you won’t find someone to lead a nation with that diversity in religion. The solution of this fundamental problem is and only is to create two different nations, with two diffe+rent systems and cultures and religions. A country which belongs to all of us. • When you think of the children, who would grow up in a country with two religions, with diversity and hatred between the people. The kids will be born into a civil war, without the safety they need, they would live in fear. For example: How could you manage the school problem – kids of Muslims couldn’t go to the same school as Hindu kids. The children adopt the faith and the opinions of their parents and so the conflict will go through generations and it will never be a neverneding struggle between those two religions.
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