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2170 Discrimination against women II Englisch 12 1 1097
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Unfortunately, there are much more dramatic and terrible sorts of discrimination against women than just unpaid housework, women have to do. In all societies and spheres of life women are still discriminated against in law and in fact. We live in a world in which a lot of women do not have basic control over what happens to their bodies. Women have been bought, sold, sexually exploited and suffered all sorts of discrimination as long as history has been recorded. Only this year, more than 15,000 women will be sold into sexual slavery in China. 45 women are raped in one day in India, which means that one woman is raped after every 32 minutes. Millions of women and girls are forced to marry and have sex with men they do not desire. Women are not protected from physical violence in the home. Women are punished for having sex outside of marriage or with a person of their choice (rather than of their family's choice). In the U.S., students discriminate against and attack girls in schools who are lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgendered, or do not conform to male standards of female behavior. Why actually do Muslims insist their women cover their heads and in even more extreme cases their faces? What is wrong with hair? God gave us hair. We are all human beings with hair, so why should Muslim women be ashamed of their hair or faces? No where in the Koran are women supposed to be treated like second class citizens. It is a nonsense. "We talk to women and we ask them, have you experienced violence? They say no. Then we ask, have you ever been slapped [schlagen]? Yes, of course. Have you ever been beaten? Yes, of course. They tend to understand violence as something that requires [erfordern] you to go to hospital." Women’s activist in Istanbul(7) This example shows, that for many women domestic violence is a part of their everyday life. A 16-year-old boy and his 23-year-old brother killed their recently divorced sister in Turkey in October 2002, because she had been "coming home late". In their statement to police, they said, "We have cleansed our honour. We are not sorry." A country, which treats its women as second class citizens, which means gives them no education and no freedom, will never ever prosper. Still equality is the cornerstone of every democratic society. Violence against women in any form is a crime. It is time for Islam to modernise and stop living in the dark ages. Women deserve more respect, after all every man has a mother.
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