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Dancing Cuba is the absolute land of dance. A lot of dancestyles originate in Cuba are today everywhere known. For example the Rumba, Salsa, Mambo and Chachacha. For most of the Cuban people is dancing a very important part in their lifes . The people have often not very much money and can’t buy a lot things for entertainment but for dancing they just need s little bit music and they feel a great joy of life. Sometimes peopel get together on the street and start making music and rhythm just for fun or maybe to get some pesos. Food and Drink Because of much sugar-cane plantages Cuba is calling the sugar-island. So the Cubans loves of course very much sweet desserts like colerd cakes,ice cream and also very fat meals with billions of calories. But also for diffrent drinks is Cuba very famous. Rum is the national beverage and the best known drink, mixed with Rum and Cola is called “Cuba libre”. People all over the world order this drink in bars and restaurants. Tourism Around the island tourist find wonderful beaches throug the whole year. And sunny beaches with fine-grained sand, palms and the clear blue sea. So of course there are many tourists who spend their holiday there. Also the local people go to the beaches too and enjoy the feeling of sun and sea. Everywhere you can find five-star hotels wich have everything what the rich tourists wishes. Palm-beaches, swimming-pools with coctailbars, big varied buffets, all kind of watersports and a wonderful sea panorama. For tourists this must be the paradise. For local people this is just daily work to earn the money they need. Without these hotels a lot of cuban people would have no work so Cuba depends very much of tourism. Geography Cuba is one of the islands in the Carebbian sea and with 114’500 qkm the biggest. It situates next to Jamaica, Florida and the Golf of Mexico. Around Cuba there are hundrets of small and unknown islands to discover. The tropical climate is profitable for the natur to grow and bloom. The seasons are not like in Europe. There are juste two. One from November to April wich is the summer season and the rainy days from May to October. Havanna is the capital of Cuba and situate in the north of the island. Alone in this city lives two of the eleven million humans of Cuba. The old part of Havanna has a beautiful architectural place and everywhere are splendid old buildings to see. But because of the salty sea air they slowly get broken down. The money for the renovation is missing in Cuba and slowly important attractions will disappear. History In the 15th century discovered Columbus the island on witch the red indians lived. In the 16th century they already began to cultivate sugar-cane on fields. Two hundred years later, more than 300’000 slaves worked hard and for non money on these fields. After many years as a spanish colony, Cuba finally has become an independent state. 1959 after a revolution war, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara took over the regime of the new Cuba and became the Government leaders. Fidel Castro today is still President of Cuba, while Che Guevara was killed in Bolivien. Economy Like chees and cocolate in switzerland, cuba is famous for cigars and sugar cane. The cigars are so popular because the very best “Havannas” are hand made. But thats not all. The Tabac-plant needs special climate, a special ground and of course very much care. Just with these factors can the most expencive cigars on world originate. This tabac is also called the brown gold and its the second important export product. The most important one is sugar. This is produced of sugar-canes.No other plant has Cuba so stambed like this. From the sugar-canes originat also the rum. Other exports are coffee, tabac and bananas.
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