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Die Geschichte Schottlands zusammengefasst auf Englisch
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• Since ca. 10.000 BC the first people came about the landbridge, which connected the british islands with the the european continent until 4000 BC. Than the rising of the watermirror destroit it. The first habitans where mesolotic hunters and fisher-men, 4500 BC neolotic farmers. • 82-208 AC The romans often fail into scotland, but without an real succes. The Hadrians – Wall was build in the years between 122 and 128. Its the final border between the roman Britain and scotland. • 503 The scots, celts from ireland land on the west-coast of scotland. • 843 Kenneth Mac Alpin unites the scots and picts as one nation. • 1057 Malcolm III. kills Macbeth and gets king. Under his reign the english influence is getting stronger. • 1296 The englands annex scotland under King Edward I. • 1314 The Battele of Bannockburn: The scots under Robert the Bruce beat the englands, leaded by Edward II. • 1320 The Declaration of Arbroath was made. The Pope should because of it, recognize the liberty of scotland. He will. • 1603 James VI. of scotland, son of Maria Stuarts, is getting König James I. of england. So the two crowns where united. • 1692 At the massacre of Glencoe where 38 members of the MacDonald clan in order of the english reign murdered. This event has gotten deep in to the nationell spirit of the scots. • 1707 Act of Union: Scotland was united with england into the Kingdom of Great Britain. • 1746 Battle at Culloden: The of prince Charles Edward Stuart ("Bonnie Prince Charlie") leaded last scottish rebellion was beaten down brutaly. • 1780 Highland Clearances: Beginning of sheepholding . • 1820 The industrial revolution reached scotland. • 1975 The first oil where found at the scottish coasts. • 1997 Scotland gets back its own parlament.
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