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2487 The novel Speak: Heather's and Melindas future - Our ideas Englisch 11 sehr gut 672
Kreativaufgabe: Dies ist Teil eines Referates zum Roman "Speak". Wir haben uns Gedanken darüber gemacht, wie die Zukunft von Heather und Melinda aussehen könnte und unsere Ideen notiert.
Inhalt des Referats
After the end of their "friendship" both girls will go their own ways: Heather will lead the "Marthas" and she will go on ignoring Melinda. She will have many boy friends and she will celebrate a lot. Melinda will start a therapie for learning to speak again. It won't be easy for her and it will take much time. Melinda's marks will improve. Bit by bit she will learn to integrate herself in class.

After school-leaving Heather will begin her training period for becoming a nurse. This is her dream. But she gets pregnant and does not want to abort the baby. Therefore she will break off her training and she will marry. She will be the wife of the rich and famous head of a modeling agency and she also will work as a model for him. She wants to become very slim and tries many different diets. In the end Heather suffers from anorexia.

Melinda will studie psychology for becoming an art therapist, especially for children. She will understand abused children very well, because she knows how it feels like. She will really love her work. She will live allone with her cats spending much of her free time on drawing and painting.

All in all Heather will never be really content. Melinda will never be as self-confident as other people, but she will overcome her main problems step by step.
Quellenangaben des Verfassers
- the novel "Speak"