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2488 Reading log for the novel Speak: Chapter I and II Englisch 11 keine 3276
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Chapter I: Welcome to Merryweather High Melinda experiences her first morning at Merryweather High. From the beginning she is very pessimistic and shy. She is not self-confident at all. In her new school the most students are members of cliques, but Melinda does not belong to them. She is excluded. Her ancient friend aren't her friends anymore. The reader does not get to know the reasons. When the pupils have to listen to a speech of the teacher Mr. Neck, Melinda gets to know, that Heather from Ohio is new at school, too. Chapter II: Our teachers are the best... Melinda gets to know her English teacher and she decides to call her "Hairwoman" because of her appearence. She has very remarkable hair. Later Melinda meets Mr. Neck again, because he is her social studies teacher. He is very strict.
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