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2501 Reading log for the novel Speak: Chapter V, VI and VII Englisch 11 keine 1965
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5. Espanol Melinda's Spanish teacher is a very bubbly woman and her lessons are exhausting because the exercises are difficult. 6. Home.Work After school Melinda is back at home, but even there she is allone. Her parents are working, but the mother has left a short note for her daughter. Melinda's family is communicating with these notes. In the afternoom Melinda examines her room. She considers her room to be too childish. She also looks at her own face in the mirror and starts biting her own lips: Obviously she has an autoaggression. 7. Our fearless leader Melinda watches Principal Principal arguing with another student about his late pass. In the end the student is too adroit. Principal Principal is wordless and Melinda amuses about this scene.
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- the novel "Speak"