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2509 The Wave: The main characters Englisch 11 keine 25871
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Laurie Saunders: -pretty, short brown hair -self-confident; popular -humoruous, funny ideas, (pulls faces p.9) -excellent, attentive (=aufmerksam)student, good history pupil, B.R.= one of her favourite teachers -ambitious (p.8, works allone in the publications office of the school paper, although the sun is shining) -editor-in-chief of the school paper, responsible for it Amy Smith -Laurie's best friend -small; thick, curly blonde hair -smoker -excellent student, attentive -sympathetic (=mitfühlend) - sensitive David Collins -boyfriend of Laurie -running back on the football team -wants to study engineering to become a computer engineer -not touched (=gerührt) of the film (p.21) -Nazi Germany: long time ago, like a piece of history, can't change (p.19) Robert Billings -class loser -doesn't want to stand in the shadow of his older brother Jeff -gets bad marks, although he has a normal I.Q. -looks unkempt (=ungepflegt), heavy -sometimes sleeps in the lessons, inattentive -in the beginning: unpopular; reaches popularity because of The Wave Ben Ross -history teacher -brown hair, young -no manual dexterity -in general wears casual (=lässig) clothes for work -wants to teach his students by practical experiments -often thinks about problems in his school (bad marks/homework) -can be stern if it will be necessary -sensitive, sympathetic -outstanding teacher (p.10/11) -can totally get involved in a subject (p.25) Christy -auburn hair -Ben's wife -teaches music and choir at Gordon High School -of makes jokes about B.R. -plays tennis -much understanding for her husband Brian Ammon -quarterback on the football team -enjoys getting bad marks -afraid of the next football match, against Clarkstown on Saturday Brad -wants to seem funny by picking on Robert Mr Gabondi -French teacher -his teaching seems boring to Laurie Carl Block -tall, blonde hair -The Grapevine's investigative reporter -always annoys L. and A. as a joke Alex Cooper -stocky, dark hair -the music reviewer of The Grapevine -always annoys L. and A. as a joke
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