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Enya We want to presente you the Irish Singer Enya. Enya is Irish and means little fire, the core ore body,spirit and soul. Her correct name ist Eithne Ní Bhraonáin. She was born the 17th May 1961 in Tír Chonail in Ireland and she was the sixth child oh nine. In year 1968, two of her brothers and uncles founded the band “An Clann As Dobhair”(“Die Familie von Dore”). They made traditional music and played on festivals. After completed school, Enya joined the group. Nicky Ryan the producer recognized her talent and she went with him to Dublin. In year 1986 the telecast showed a documentation about the history and the culture of the kelts. Enya should made the music. 1987 Rob Dickins became aware of Enya and he and his production helped Enya to make a new album. The new Album “Watermark” with the title “Orinoco Flow” made Enya world- famous and that was her breakthrough. The most famous song of Enya is “Only Time”. We think all you know it since the 11th September 2001. “Only time”was often played on TV while showing a report about the terrorist attacs on the Twin Towers in New York. Because of this it became one of the most popular radiosongs of that time. Enya is popular for her calm music which she sings with her clear voice.It seems that she shift you in a Trance with her music. The countries where she is popular are Germany, the UK, Austria, the Swiss and the USA. We both like the music of Enya because it has a calm stimulatin. You can relax when the Irishwoman sing sometimes sadly titles with her beautiful voice. The music is very sensitve and you can hear to her music the best if you are angry or exited. The the music calm you down. The most popular sings from Enya are “Only Time”, “Orinoco Flow” and “May it be”. In Year 2001 Enya start with other stars like Michael Jackson and Destiny’s Child a big donation action, fot the persons who were from the attac concered.
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