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FC St. Pauli
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FC St. Pauli The soccerclub St. Pauli was founded in year 1910.The Club is domiciled at the “Heiligengeistfeld” . After the establishment a deep connection between the club and the district St. Pauli began to grow.In 1948, three years after the second world war, St. Pauli had the first succes, when they played in the semifinal of the german championsship. 1977 they managed the transfer in the first german soccer league. But after this season they redescended again.After a few years they were promoted in the paid soccer again(1884). In the 90s the district St.Pauli began to change. More and more Punks, students and artists migrated to St.Pauli and in this time a grup of St. Pauli fans flied a flag with a skull. From now on the skull was the personification for the rebellious and militant tenor of the club and his fans. But anyhow fairness was alsways in the forground. As a memorable reminder on the first gemerman soccer league rest the victory from the 06.02.2002 when St. Pauli won against Bayern Munich with 2-1. After this victory St.Pauli printed T-Shirts with the word: Weltpokalsiegerbesieger. But than they had a backlash. They scaled down in the Regionalliga. The club stood for the financiel out. But the fans organized themselves and they supported the “Retter-Campaigne” T-Shirts were printed, on the Reeperbahn was the Motto: Saufen für St. Pauli and Bayern Munich was prepared to make a friendly match. Uli Hoeneß, the mananger of Bayern went with a Retter t-Shirt through the stadium an he was celebrated like never before. Because of this Campaigne St.Pauli was rescued. It’s amazing with howmany love and endurance the fans tolerate the matches in the regionalliga. That the sympathy isn’t unbowed, shows the sale of season tickets. With ca.10000 saled season tickets is St. Pauli absolut front-runner.
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