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Babe Pig in the City Babe is a pig – a very clever little pig. He can bring sheep home as quickly as a farm dog can. He lives with Mr and Mrs Hoggett on a farm. One day, two men from the bank came to the farm and wanted their money. But the Hoggett’s didn’t have any money, so they sent Babe in the city, because there was a job for minding sheep. But there weren’t sheep, there were lots of other animals: Cats, dogs, monkeys, and so on. So Babe noticed that the job which he ought to do didn’t exist. But the little pig found many friends: Some dogs, some monkeys, the duck Ferdinand and an orange-utan. Because Babe saved a dog from the death, the animals chose Babe to the new boss. The boss allowed lots of cats and dogs, who had no homes, to come to the other animals. One day, a monkey got two babies, and at the party the animals began to sing very loudly. But a neighbour from that house called the police and so the animals came in a house where they all should die. But Babe, Ferdinand and a dog, friends of him, who weren’t caught, found the other animals and rescued them from their cages. Then the animals hid from the humans. They ran into the kitchen of a big house, in which important people celebrated. The animals hid behind the people from the humans who wanted to catch them. And then Mrs Hoggett saw that there was her pig. She caught it and told the people that they should let the animals go. So, the people sold their house and from the money, which they got, they flew to the farm of Babe. With some of this money, Mrs Hoggett paid the debts of the bank. And in the end, all animals lived on the farm of Babe. Questions: What can Babe mind? a. Dogs b. Sheep c. Cats What is the friend of Babe? a. The cat Johannes b. The mouse Thomas c. The duck Ferdinand What did the animals when the monkey got two babies? a. They sang very loudly b. They murdered some rats c. They called the police How did the story end? a. They all were died b. They all lived with Babe c. They murdered Babe We hope you have enjoyed our book report. debts=Schulden sheep=Schafe mind=hüten chose=wählen cage=Käfig
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