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[b]The USA[/b] The USA consists of 50 states (with Hawaii and Alaska) and the District of Columbia. The USA has its borders in the north with Canada, in the east with the Atlantic Ocean, in the south with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico and in the west with the Pacific Ocean. The size of the USA is 9 629 047 sq km. The highest mountain is the McKinley or Denali (6194 m). The deepest point of the USA is the Death Valley in California (86 m below sea level). There are many different landscapes. So they can grow nearly everything they want except of some tropical plants. Because of that the agriculture in this country is the biggest in the whole world. The longest river is the river system of the Mississippi and Missouri with a length of 6240 km. The climate in the USA reaches from Mediterranean Climate (e.g. in California) to Arctic Climate in Alaska. Nearly 290 million people live in the USA which is a population density of 28 people/sq km. The official language is English but in some areas Spanish, too. [b]All states with their capitol[/b] [u]State - Capitol[/u] Washington - Seattle Oregon - Salem California - Sacramento Idaho - Boise Nevada - Carson City Utah - Salt Lake City Arizona - Phoenix Montana - Helena Wyoming - Cheyenne Colorado - Denver New Mexico - Santa Fe North Dakota - Bismarck South Dakota - Pierre Nebraska - Lincoln Kansas - Topeka Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Texas - Dallas Minnesota - Saint Paul Iowa - Des Moines Missouri - St.Louis Arkansas - Little Rock Louisiana - Baton Rouge Wisconsin - Milwaukee Illinois - Chicago Tennessee - Nashville Mississippi - Jackson Indiana - Indianapolis Kentucky - Frankfort Alabama - Montgomery Michigan - Detroit Ohio - Columbus West Virginia - Charleston Georgia - Atlanta Florida - Orlando New York - New York City Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Virginia - Richmond North Carolina - Raleigh South Carolina - Columbia New Hampshire - Concord Massachusetts - Boston Rhode Island - Providence Connecticut - Hartford New Jersey - Trenton Maryland - Baltimore Delaware - Dover Vermont - Montpelier Maine - Augusta Hawaii - Honolulu Alaska - Juneau The biggest city is New York City in the state of New York. 2000 New York City had 8 Million inhabitants. In the Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area, in that New York City belongs, even 18 million people. New York is divided in five districts: Queens, Brooklyn, Richmond, Bronx und Manhattan. [b]The Capitol[/b] The capital of the USA is Washington D.C. It’s an own district, the District of Columbia. 1/3 of the people who work there work for the federal government. The centre of Washington is the Capitol. [b]Other big cities[/b] [u]Los Angeles[/u] Los Angeles is because of its nice climate the centre of the film- and TV-industry. The population of Los Angeles is increasing steadily because of many immigrants from Latin America (Mexico) and Asia. In the moment the population is 3,7 million people. The the area around even 13,2 million. [u]Chicago[/u] Chicago in the state of Illinois is the third biggest city in the USA. Chicago has the second biggest airport in the USA and the whole world (after Atlanta). Ca.2,9 million people live in Chicago. In the area around nearly 7 million. In Chicago are many ethnic groups: 20% of the population are Blacks and 10% came from Latin America. But there are also many people with German descent. Chicago is a big traffic- and industry centre in the USA. One reason is the big harbour. [b]The political situation[/b] The USA are a federal republic with a president. The constitution exists since 1789. The president is the head of state and the head of government. In the USA are two important parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. [b]The president[/b] The president of the USA is George Walker Bush (*6.July 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut), a republican. He was governor of Texas from 1994 to 2000 and is since 2001 the 43. President of the USA. [b]Florida[/b] The state of Florida has its borders in the north with Alabama and Georgia, in the east with the Atlantic Ocean and in the west with the Gulf of Mexico. The street of Florida divides Florida from Cuba. Florida belongs to the USA since 1845. The population tripled between 1960 and 1990. Florida is sometimes called the “Sunshine State”. The capitol is Tallahassee, other important cities are Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Saint Petersburg and Hialeah. The size of Florida is 155 213 sq km. In Florida are many interesting things to see. For example the Walt Disney World, the Epcot Centre and Sea World in Orlando and the Everglades national park. [b]Alaska[/b] Alaska is the biggest state of the USA but it has only 644 000 inhabitants. Alaska is since 1959 a state of the USA. The most important cities are the capitol Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Sitka und Ketchikan. In Alaska is the Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in the USA. [b]Virginia[/b] Virginia is in the north-east of the USA, on the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia has its borders in the north with West Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.; in the east with Maryland and the Atlantic Ocean; in the south with North Carolina and Tennessee and in the west with Kentucky. Virginia came on the 25.June 1788 as the 13 state to the USA. One of the first English settlements in North America was 1607 in Jamestown. In the following time Virginia became one of the leading colonies. [b]The history of the USA[/b] The journeys in the 15. and 16. century of Christoph Columbus, John Cabot, Giovanni da Verrazano und Jacques Cartier were the condition for gradual settling of the enormous country by the Europeans. The country was actual at the time of its discovery by the Europeans for approximately 25,000 years of Indians had settled, those toward end of the last ice age over a land bridge with the Bering Strait from Asia had immigrated. With arrival of the Europeans end 15. century probably lived between three and five million Indian in North America. The history of the European discovery and settling North America is at the same time the history of driving out and decimation of the Indian population and the history of the argument between European colonial powers England, the Netherlands, France and Spain around the possession of the new world and the hegemony in America.
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