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659 Why do people from all over the world immigrate to Australia Englisch 9 1 806
Argumentation (Homework) to the immegration
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[b]Why do people from all over the world immigrate to Australia?[/b] I would like to tell you about the reasons for people from all over the world to immigrate to Australia. I think that they would like to live on this continent because it’s so warm there. I read that the southern sun definitely burns more strongly than the northern. So, if you live near the ocean you can go swimming or surfing there or maybe, if you don’t like water sports, only lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. But you have to be careful: Australia is close to the ozone hole and so it’s dangerous to stay too long outside because the sunshine is damaging and can cause skin-cancer. In my opinion a second reason for immigrants to move to Australia is to get to know the different people and their way of living there. Maybe they’re interested to see how Aborigines live or “normal” families in the cities. There, I think, could be a problem with the language but if you can speak English, and today many people can this, you won’t have this. Maybe there are also people who decide to immigrate to this continent because of the nature there. There are the typical Australian animals, like kangaroos for example, which you normally only know because you saw them on photos or in the zoo. But if you live in Australia you are able to watch them in their natural habitat and not in captivity. That would be my reasons to move to Australia. But actually I prefer to live here in Europe.
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