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771 Shakespeare - historical background Englisch 13 2 1591
About Shakespeare and the period of time he lived in
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[b]Shakespeare - Historical background[/b] - Shakespeare lived in the renaissance - Before renaissance: Dark Ages ( Middle Ages ) - almost no developement concerning civillisation, education,... - The church was almighty and didn`t allow normal people to get educated - Then: Renaissance, “Rebirth“ of the Greek and Roman style - People adopted grammar, rethoric, poetry and philosophy from the Romans - Suddenly everybody was able to influence their own will and fate - Renaissance: Age of inventions & discoveries -> people dared to explore things ( maybe this is a reason for Shakespeare`s new style ) - In England, the renaissance began in 1485 - Queen Elizabeth I reigned England from 1558 - 1603, this period was called the Elizabethan Age - It was also the Golden Age of England`s history. It became a world power, reached the hegemony of the seas and established trading positions all over the world - At that time, most of England`s population was very wealthy. They liked to travel all over Europe, especially to Italy, and they brought back to England the culture they discovered - After Queen Elizabeth`s death the son James of her cousin Mary Stuart inherited the throne
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