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830 Pros and cons of alternative, renewable power sources in comparison with nuclear power! Englisch 13 1 1107
Aufsatz über Vor- und Nachteile von erneuerbaren und nuklear Energie
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Pros and cons of alternative, renewable power sources in comparison with nuclear power! Our old main source of energy – fossil fuels – will simply run out in a few years, because of our consumer-led society and the fact, that this energy source is non-renewable. Because of this we have to look for other sources of energy. On the one hand there are alternative renewable power sources, like geothermal energy, power from the wind, waves and tides and of course solar power. On the other hand we have nuclear power. In fact both of them have their positive and negative sides. First I want to introduce the alternative power sources. These have all the same cons: They strongly depend of nature and position, so they are very unreliable. Another con is that the power can’t be produced constantly and the power can’t be saved. These are the reasons, why these sources are not useful for industry. Another negative side is that it partially destroys the natural beauty. But the positive sides are that a great amount of power can be produced and it’s absolutely safe, cheap and pollution-free. Now I want to figure out the nuclear power. This is a pollution-free and safe energy source, as long nothing happens. But if a reactor blows up, like the Chernobyl No.4 reactor in the year 1986, the catastrophe won’t be able to calculate. Many people will die of radiation sickness and cancer. A positive side is that uranium is a very concentrated fuel, so it produces 20.000 times more power than coal. Another fact is that 97% of high-level radioactive waste can be reprocessed into new fuels. But the last 3%, cause the most worries, because they must be disposed. A positive side is that nuclear power stations produce the power in a constant way. So it’s attractive to industry. It’s clear that we have to find a compromise of nuclear power and renewable power sources.
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