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T E X A S Facts: -name: from the Indian word "tejas" (means: "friends") -capital: Austin -population: ca. 20.800.000 people (ca. 4.400.000 people are not white) -area: 692.244 km² -Gouverneur: Rick Perry -language: English, Spanish History: - Indian (tribes: Apache, Comanche, Caddo, Tonkawa, Lipan, Karankawas ans Coahuiltecan) lives there -in the 16th and 17th century Mexicans explored the land -1821 Texas was a part of Mexico -1831 Texas was independent (republic) -29th decembre 1845 to USA -1861-65 Texas was at war against USA -1870 Texas belongs to USA again -national hymne: "Texas, Our Texas"; since 1929; written by William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright ; Composed by William J. Marsh Life: -lots of oil deposits and cattle farmer -George W. Bush growed up in Texas (*6th July, 1949; oldest son from George Herbert Walker Bush; was Gouverneur in Texas; his brother Jeb is Governeur in Florida -Bonnie and Clyde were from Texas (lived at the end of 1930; were gangesters: killed people, robed; didn't have money; 1934 police shooted Bonnie and Clye -school system: 1. elementary school (grade k - grade 6) 2. secondary school/Junior High School (grade 7 - grade 8) 3. High School (grade 9 - grade 12)
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