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the cast system in India

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Arbeit: In The cast system in India

1. Definition of the cast system

A social class to which a person belongs at birth and which is ranked against other castes

2. The structure of the caste system – the varnas

Priests an scholars (Brahmans)

warriors and rulers (Kshatriyas)

merchants, farmers and traders (Vaisyas)

laborers, including artisans, servants and serfs (Sudras)

people of no cast, the Untouchables, “Children of God” (Harjans)

3. The consequences for the Indians

The caste governs:
· That Indians have to marry within their own caste
· Where people have to live
· What occupations they engage in
· To exclude a whole group of people
(Untouchables) from society

4. Regional differences

· A variation of the caste system from community to community and across regions

5. The situation nowadays

· Classes no longer strictly correspond to traditional professions
· Labelling people Untouchable was outlawed. Nevertheless the Untouchable still face discrimination
· The nationalist movement : “the equality of men and women”
· Lower castes could gain social status
· Social obligation still exists to marry within their own caste


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